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Flashback 2+ set for release

by on26 January 2010


Atari to milk 2600 retro titles again

It seems that Atari never gets tired of going to the well to milk its 2600 retro titles for all they are worth. The latest has the company bringing out a second revision of the Flashback console that will be released as the Flashback 2+ that will start shipping on February 22nd.

The Flashback 2+ will include 40 classic Atari 2600 titles that are built-in to the retro looking console that takes its design cues from the original 2600 console (with the simulated wood grain finish), and all at two-thirds the size of the home console that launched the home video gaming revolution. The Flashback 2+ connects to the standard RCA type video input found on most TV sets.

Out of the 40 games that are included, 20 of them are considered to be the core classics of the Atari 2600 library, but the console does not allow users to play any of the cartridges that they have lying around. The other 20 include newer Atari titles such as members from the Realsports franchise. Unlike the last version of the Flashback, none of the Activision 2600 classics are included this time around.

Atari claims that supplies are limited for the Flashback 2+ and ordering it direct is the only way that you can assure that you will be able to get one. It is being sold for $29.99 and you can get an Atari classic T-Shirt if you place your order soon.

Relive the classic video games of the past by checking it out here.

Last modified on 26 January 2010
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