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Linspire's Microsoft treaty worthless

by on23 July 2007


Even worse than Novell's

Groklaw has pulled apart Linspire's peace treaty with Microsoft and is fairly certain that it is worse than the agreement struck by Novell with Redmond.

In exchange for Microsoft not suing the company, Linspire can't share its software with others, pass it on with the patent promise, modify its copies, or even use it for an "unauthorised" purpose.

Users have to pay Linspire and Microsoft to use the software and upgrades are not included.  If it comes up with new functionality users are not covered and have t pay again.

The pact only covers  Linspire Five-0 and no business applications including those that run on a server.

Freespire isn't covered. Microsoft can change the deal or even drop it any time they are good and ready, but Linspire can't.

The licence also allows Microsoft to interrogate you any time it thinks it necessary to make sure you really are covered.

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Last modified on 23 July 2007
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