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NEC triples USB 3.0 speeds

by on17 February 2010


Just want the plain one

NEC boffins have apparently worked out a cunning plan to triple USB 3.0 transfer rates.

USB 3.0 is rated at 4.8Gb/s and this is plenty compared to USB 2, but NEC did one better, or three better, as it promises to deliver speeds of 16Gb/s. NEC demonstrated a chip that can eliminate distortions caused by high throughput rates.

We really don't want to go into the dirty and geeky details of how it was done, nor do we want to pretend that we fully understand how it works. Apparently it involves Roquefort cheese, well never mind. We believe NEC, but the real issue is whether the technology will find its place on the market. USB 3.0 is still not something we see every day, let alone a faster, non-standardized version.

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