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Intel intros X25 value SSD

by on16 March 2010


40GB for €99

has finally made the X25-V SSD official. We've talked about Intel's new Value series for months and although it doesn't offer stellar performance, it is probably one of the most important SSDs to show up in months.

SSDs are anything but mainstream and the V series is supposed to change that. The 40GB X25-V is a 2.5-inch drive based on 34nm MLC chips and it features read and write speeds of 170MB/s and 35MB/s respectively. So, although it's a value product, the performance is still pretty good.

However, the X25-V is all about the price. It is expected to sell for €99 in Euroland and around $129 stateside. The price makes it an interesting choice for the vast majority of users who find SSDs too pricey even as tiny system drives.
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