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Sony shows off computer bracelets

by on07 June 2010


All getting Star Trekish

Sony has
been showing off flexible PLED touch screens which could be the beginning of a Star Trek type computer bracelet.

Designed by Hiromi Kiriki, the OLED-constructed Nextep Bracelet could become as ubiquitous as iPods in as little as 10 years. They might even be solar-powered. It uses a holographically projected screen, pull-out keyboard panels, and one-touch access to your social networks. For tasks that demand more than a few cursory tap the Nextep can be laid flat to become a tablet.

OLEDS are 100 to 500 nanometers thick and are made from thin films of organic compounds that generate light. They consume less power than light-emitting diodes or LCDs. Sony is apparently working on an entire line of OLED computer screens and televisions, which it will begin releasing this year.

You can see it in action
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