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Samsung's multimedia camera

by on30 July 2007


MP3, video, travel guide, A/C, sunroof...


Samsung's got a a new feature packed camera for all you gadget lovers out there.

The 8.1 megapixel i85 is a multimedia camera and comes with an integrated MP3 player and a video player. The latter one should benefit from its big 3 inch touchscreen and you can even enjoy music and video on its two built in speakers.

Like the i7 before it, the i85 comes with 450MB of internal memory and supports SDHC cards. This does seem like a lot compared to ordinary cameras, but considering it's also a media player they could have gone for a full gigabyte or even more. Sony's G1 comes with 2GB, but it is a bit more expensive.  


Its integrated 5X zoom lens has a 3.5-4.9 aperture, but it lacks optical image stabilization. You should be well of in the movie department, with VGA at 30fps and 800x592 video at 20fps, also, you can zoom while shooting videos.

One rather interesting new feature is the Tour Guide function, which provides instant access to travel information covering 2,600 regions in 30 countries. What's next, an integrated GPS ? 

The new jack of all trades should hit the shelves in the Autumn at around $350.

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