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Samsung - Toshiba optical still likes HD DVD

by on31 January 2008


DistreeXXL: As it is in bed with Toshiba

We had a chance to talk to some people from Samsung's computer optical drive division and we learned that the company is currently marketing Blu-Ray only, but its technology partner, Toshiba, stands behind HD DVD.

The people said that tthe wo companies are working together, and they will be there to embrace the winner, or both technologies in the future, if anyone wins.

Samsung said that they can support both, but it all currently depends of the market demand; and they let Toshiba deal with HD DVD, as Toshiba is one of the most vocal endorsers of the HD DVD standard.

We have a feeling that this HD DVD vs BluRay saga will resolve itself in 2008.  

Last modified on 01 February 2008
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