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Smell Flavored USB wins Distree XXL award

by on31 January 2008


DistreeXXL: Best Product Design

We were present at one interesting part of a Distree XXL show called "60 Seconds to Convince." 

Vendors were competiting in two categories: best product innovation and best design.

The main point of this interesting show was to present the product as best as possible within 60 seconds.

Vendors were showing products which they belived had a chance to win. We have not seen any ground breaking things here, but it was interesting and some presentations were very good, and some very funny.

The memory company behind the goodram brand, Wilk, has won the best
Product Design price for its flavored memory stick. They simply put out the best theatrical part, that included two ladies in red, where one of them pull out the memory stick out of her…halter...

They won, the show was good, but people voted for the theater and not for the design. However, we didn’t expect anything else from a 95 percent male audience.

The memory stick is nice, but the theatrical performance was simply better.

BEST PRODUCT DESIGN:                                         

     Port Design-Paris & Swarovski Elements                         
     Modecome-ZIO Multimedia Player                                
     PQI- PQI Card Drive U510                                         
     Wilk –Goodrive Fresh

  Winner: Wilk –Goodrive Fresh 


     Plustek: Book Reader
     Pleomax-YA-BS-300 Bluetooth portable speaker
     IRIS- IRISPen Executive 6

  Winner: Promate-Prostation2


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