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R600 disappoints Hector

by on05 March 2007

It sucks as it's late says CEO

The big CEO and Chairman of the new AMD is not happy about R600 being late. He was asked about it on a recent Advanced Micro Devices at Morgan Stanley Technology Conference that finished just minutes ago.

The big boss confirmed that it is bad as the R600 is being late but he also said that it is such an outstanding product that people will understand the potentials of such a product.

Hector surprisingly said that it likes the fact that ATI rocks in high end graphics market. He used present tense in the sentence, and that was the surprising part. I don’t know did this brave man heard about the company called Nvidia that took away most of ATI high end graphic mojo and is doing this since November 2006 if not even longer.

He is certain that the investment will pay on as graphics is important and it will become even more important.  We are happy if you are happy Hector.

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