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Gecube x1950XT X-series

by on07 March 2007


This time on PCI-Express 

After the
launch of their X1950XT AGP card cooled by TEC cooler, Info-Tek released a GECUBE X1950XT X series for PCI-Express.

The new PCI-E card is also based on 90nm ATI Radeon R580+ chip that works on 628MHz. Core is matched with 512MB of high speed GDDR3 memory. It is cooled by a company's Turbo Extreme Silent Fan and according to Gecube, keeps the noise under 18db even when running a 3D environment. It has all the other specifications of X1950XT, it has 48 pixel shaders, supports Shader Model 3.0, has two DVI's and a HDTV TV out. It is also HDCP+HDMI compatible.



You can find more information on GeCube.
Last modified on 08 March 2007
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