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DirectX 10 games are tough

by on13 March 2007

Overall delay to mid 2007

DirectX 10 is not that easy as Microsoft wants you believe. It promised some of the cool things such as solving the object overhead and Shader Model 4.0 also known as Unified Shader but it looks like all the games based on DirectX 10 are severely delayed.

Crysis for example is now scheduled for Q3 2007 announcement and late last year we all expected it as a Vista launch title. Hellgate London is also pushed toward middle of the year and even Microsoft itself can not shape up the Flight simulator X, DirectX 10 version.

All DirectX 10 games share the same thing, they are very hard to program and it much harder than anyone originally expected.

You will have to satisfy with soon to come, STALKER as this is the best you will see in the next few months. Still, Stalker is DirectX 9 game only.

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