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Gecube at CeBIT

by on13 March 2007


Gecube to show R600?

GeCube has
some interesting products to show on CeBIT. Beside their DAAMIT graphic cards, there will be some consumer products.

There will be two cards from X1950XT series. First one is for AGP 8X with X-Turbo TEC cooling which we wrote about here, and the other is PCI-Express based with their exclusive Turbo Extreme Silent Fan, we wrote about that one also here.

On the special High-Spec graphics card series, GeCube has two products to show.




Their famous GEMINI 2 which is actually a dual 1650XT GPU on single PCB, that can drive four displays simultaneously and is capable of the thing called "Crossfire Enabled Single Card". GeCube claims that it can boost performance by over 70%. You had a chance to see that one on CES and the last years CeBIT.

The other one is their X-Turbo 1950PRO for PCI-Express based on 80nm RV570 cored with TEC chip cooling and temperature control, which allows the card to be overclocked by up to 20%. With four heatpipes and the X-Turbo Fan, as GeCube claims, it can outperform other competitors in its class by 15%.


As for the consumer products there will be two new products. First one is a Portable Media Player, or in name PMP200, that is a successor of their PMP100. It has AV-out, 4.3" LCD screen, and it can produce six hours of continuous playback of video or eight hours of music playback. It also has a built-it microphone.

The other one is their DVRBox which is a HDD based Digital Video Recorder or a plain pocket Hard drive. It can record and convert DV, DVD and TV to MPEG-4 video format instantly.


Another interesting thing is that GeCube announced to show his, as they call it, secret weapon (NDA) for the second quarter of 2007. The press release say it will be using the latest ATI core with support for the new generation DX10 technology, so they call to witness its "jaw-dropping performance" on CeBIT. R600 maybe?

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