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Nvidia expands its PC

by on03 April 2007


Paranoid Culture

It is a nice morning for Nvidia stories. We just remembered that we forgot to share with the world how paranoid Nvidia has become.

Believe it or not Nvidia sends the PDF documents, especially a new plans and roadmaps protected with a password and at the same time the document has to connect and log via Nvidia website. This is sick and probably violates a lot of privacy stuff.

This is not all. Nvidia doesn’t tell its partners anything until it is absolutely necessary. A very few heads in Taiwan and some important people in rest of the world knows about the new GX2 and the new GTX cards but almost no one knows the real scores and specification. More people know about 8600 GTS /GT as the production started before Cebit.

We've been following this market for seven years now and Graphzilla is definitely getting paranoid on a company level. From now on we will call it PC, Paranoid Culture. It is getting worst, year by year.

In case you didn’t figurate it out yourself sometimes this PC culture wants you to get the information and tell the world how great their stuff is, but only sometimes. They could not stop the leaks for seven years+ and they won't be able to contain it even with this. What is next, are they going to wire its partners and employees and record all the conversations and moves. Everything for a decent PC.

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