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Nvidia Vista drivers rocking

by on06 April 2007


No major issues at all

There has been a lot of controversy about Nvidia's Vista driver. We decided to give it a try and to try to install a few games under Vista Ultimate 64 bit under AMD Quad FX system, a really tricky and unique platform. We tried Nvidia's latest official WHQL 100.65 driver.

As we were not happy with only one card, we tried to plug two and give it a try. The good news is that SLI on two 8800 GTX cards works flawlessly and STALKER, Rainbow Six Vegas, Company of heroes and 3Dmarks works just fine.

Actually you can turn all the effects on, as we did in Stalker and we still got 40 to 60 FPS with all the possible lights and details on. Stalker is the best eye candy game in the industry today and it wants a lot of power. So please give Nvidia a break as the driver works even in dual screen mode, it also runs Video files including HD stuff just fine.

Ok I still have some criticism as the Nvidia driver control panel really sucks and its very user unfriendly but at the end it does the job. We will give you some more numbers soon, but the lab is simply overcrowded with super cool stuff.

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