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R600 features 24 X Anti Aliasing

by on24 April 2007


G80GTX supports 16X

We reported most of the features about R600 and we still owe you the explanation how the heck 64 Unified Shader can make the 320 stream processors but lets just say its all about vec4+1. It is a very complex part. Anyway on the fun side R600 will support 24 X Anti aliasing.

It can support 8X MSAA (Multi Sampling Anti Aliasing) and combined with FSAA can result with Anti aliasing up to 24X. This should be exciting part as G80 can do only 16X and even the 16X kills the performance. ATI might be better off due to its 512 bit memory controller.  

This will only be interesting if you use more than one card in Crossfire as this is where such an Antialiasing could be useful.

Last modified on 24 April 2007
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