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R600 is intended for future games

by on30 April 2007


DirectX 10 suits it, but not really DX9 

We heard more than once that Radeon HD 2900 marchitecture is more suitable for DirectX 10 content than it is for current stuff. The biggest problem for ATI is that there is not a single DirectX 10 game or benchmark out as yet and the way things are going, it will take until the autumn before you'll see one.

The biggest problem today is that you have to convince people to buy the cards now, instead of waiting for DX10 titles to arrive. And besides, by the late autumn ATI will already have its R650 card to fight the upcoming G90 part from Nvidia.

The R600 Shader design is meant for DirectX 10, but what can you do, as there is not a single game out. The only hope for DAAMIT right now is the DirectX 10 version of Microsoft flight simulator 10, as these guys have a beta available now.

The big ones including Crysis and Unreal Tournament 2007 (might be renamed 2008) aren't going to be out until the autumn at best.

R600 is really caught in a catch 22 situation, as the Geforce 8800 series ends up faster in most of today's games and R600 has a big chance to be faster in upcoming content.

The only thing we can say to all of that is DAAMIT.  

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