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R600 has CFAA 24X anti aliasing

by on30 April 2007


Radeon HD 2000 generation

DAAMIT has some new Anti Aliasing modes in its new HD 2000 generation. The first one is 8x Multi Sample AA, while the second one will be known as 24X Custom Filter Anti Aliasing (CFAA). It will go up to 24X in the best case scenario.

Multi Sample AA is the old way of doing it, but it has just debuted in hardware. The method itself is 10+ years old and it has been used in offline rendering for years.

The new Anti Aliasing supports programmable sample patterns, programmable resolve filters and it is upgradeable via driver updates. The good news is that the existing functionality is still here including HDR+AA, Adaptive SSAA/MSAA, Temporal AA, Super AA and Gamma correct modes.   

We don’t know if adding more R600 cards will allow for even higher AA modes.


Last modified on 30 April 2007
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