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MSI testing 45nm Wolfdale and Yorkfield

by on03 August 2007

CPU compatebility page reveals more specs

MSI is busy testing the compatebility of Intel's upcoming 45nm Wolfdale and Yorkfield dual and quad core processors and it has let slip that it's doing so on its CPU compatibility page on its website.

According to the info posted there, it's busy testing its P35 boards with three different CPUs. There are two Wolfdale models listed, one 2.33GHz version and one 2.66GHz version. Both has 3MB of L2 cache and operates at 1,333MHz bus. The only differentiating factor between the two seems to be the multiplier, which is 7x for the 2.33GHz part and 8x for the 2.66GHz part.

The Yorkfield quad core CPU is clocked at 2.33GHz with a 7x multiplier and a heafty 12MB of L2 cache. It is also working on a 1,333MHz FSB.

All four CPUs are listed as samples and MSI hasn't posted any information with regards to which boards these CPUs works with, as it only states "under testing".

Have a look at any of the Intel compatible motherboards here to see the info, or if you're too lazy, just have a look at the screen shot below.

Last modified on 03 August 2007
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