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R650, 65 nanometre comes in Q3

by on05 May 2007


A new hope at 800MHz+


ATI is working hard to bring out a new high end card and this one is scheduled for Q3. This is basically the R600 done right and is nothing more than the R600 shrunk to 65 nanometre.

ATI obviously mastered 65 nanometre and is ready for mainstream and entry level DX 10 at 65 nanometre production. The next step is to release the real high end card clocked at more than 800 MHz core and with 1024 MB GDDR4 memory.

The next high end card is the R650 and it won't be out until September in the worst case scenario. Let's hope that things will go right this time. Some of our sources indicated way higher clocks than 800 MHz, closer to 1000 MHz.


Last modified on 06 May 2007
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