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PoV GeForce 8800 Ultra EU prices

by on05 May 2007


From €759.01

It seems
like Point of View is one of the first companies to have stock of the GeForce 8800 Ultra in Europe and Komplett is one of the first etailers to have cards for sale.

However, at €759.01 this is a stupidly expensive card considering what you're getting for your money. With today's exchange rate that equals to no less than US$1,031.19, so anyone that says we don't get screwed in Euroland is just simply wrong.

To be honest, this was from and it's the best price from Komplett in Europe for this card. If you have a look at it is £519 and in Austira it's €779, while the Irish have to pay €789. Moving north we find that the card is no less than 7,999 SEK in Sweden, which is an astounding US$1,185.02, but it gets even more expensive when you cross the border into Norway at 7,195 NOK or US$1,204.63. 

If you consider that this card is already retailing for US$849 in the US of A, one has to wonder why Europe gets taken for such a ride. 

You do get a free copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with the card, but this hardly makes up for the insane price hike compared to what these already expensive cards costs in the US.

Sure, some of this comes down to sales tax here in Euroland, but I don't know of any country that has more than 25 per cent sales tax in Europe, so someone is making a lot of money on these cards somewhere along the supply chain.

If you want to check what Komplett is charging for the card in your Euro country, click here and select the appropriate country.

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