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RV670 is HD 2900PRO

by on07 May 2007


65 nanometre 256 bit chip

ATI has a few new 65 nanometre cards planned for Q3 2007. One of the most interesting ones is the RV670, a 65 nanometre mainstream core with 256 bit memory interface. This card is scheduled to replace the RV570 or Radeon X1950 PRO cards.

ATI will brand this one as the Radeon HD 2900 PRO and the card is based on the RV670 core manufactured at 65 nanometre. The card comes with 512 MB of memory and DAAMIT doesn't plan to introduce this card on the 14th, as it will wait till the card is ready.

We heard that it might be some showcase of beta cards at Computex. So if Nvidia launches a 256 bit version of G84, ATI will have something to fight it with.

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