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HD 2900PRO at the end of the Q3

by on08 May 2007


Time for RV670

Yesterday we mentioned that ATI is planning the RV670 and that the card is scheduled for Q3. You can read the original story here.

We managed to get more details about the new chip. As we already expected, the card will be launched towards the end of the quarter rather than in the beginning. A few sources indicated that the card is scheduled for the end of Q3 and that it will probably be coming in September.

This is the card that will replace the X1950 PRO and it has a 256 bit memory interface and DirectX 10 support, which might really help it fight the previous card. The older X1950 Pro will end up faster than the HD 2600 XT, at least at high resolutions and with AA and Anisotropic filtering on. The Radeon HD 2900PRO has a huge potential, but we wonder if Nvidia really has a G84 with 256 bit memory interface or if it simply plans to drop the price of the 8800 GTS 320 to fight this card.

With ATI the story is rather simple, you just need to wait and to be honest we don’t think that even the ATI management knows until when. They just slipped on way to many launches in the past 18 months. 

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