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Finally word of EVGA's crown 8800 Ultra's

by on11 May 2007
Why stop at just one, let's make two

EVGA just announced two 8800 Ultra's that don't work on reference clocks, first one will carry the proud brand of Superclocked while the other one will represent KO (Knock-out) series.

First one, the EVGA e-Geforce 8800 Ultra Superclocked will surely claim the throne of the worlds fastest card. The core of this card will work at 655 MHz, 43 MHz faster then reference card, which isn't that much but should be enough for this card to take the throne. The card is packed with 768 MB on Nvidia's weird 384-bit memory, and it will end up clocked at 2.25 GHz. The reference works at 2.16 GHz. That should be enough to get about 108GB/s of memory bandwidth. Shader clocks are claimed higher, but we don't know how much higher but certanly more than 1.5 GHz.

Of course as all EVGA's Superclocked cards this one is also "carefully tuned and thoroughly tested to Superclocked performance". The EVGA's recommended price for this card is USD $899.99 for USA, and €899 for the European market. Ouch that is dirty cheap for any Shaik in the town.

The second one is EVGA e-Geforce 8800 Ultra KO version, clocked at modest 636 MHz for the core and 768 MB of memory clocked at 2.25 MHz. Looks like EVGA got its hands on some nice memory chips. Recommended price for this one ended a little lower then Superclocked at $859.99 for USA, and €859 for Europe.

As for the other features they are the same as any other 8800 Ultra on the market, but at least it's higher then those boring reference clocks. Products will be available starting May 15th, 2007 through EVGA's network of leading E-tailers, retailers, systems integrators, OEM system manufacturers and distributors. We haven't been able to get hold of the pictures of these two cards, but we hope that EVGA went a little further then reference cooling.  

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