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More partners announce HD 2900 XT

by on15 May 2007
HIS and MSI are here

Two more
partners announced their Radeon HD 2900 XT cards. This time around the cards are from MSI and HIS. We already wrote about MSI's Borg card here.

HIS announced its version of the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT card, but the card stuch to reference design and clocks. We are still waiting for its special version of the card, which should end up overclocked and with a new cooler. An IceQ cooler would sure look good on the HD 2900 XT. The GPU is clocked at reference 740 MHz and memory is clocked at 1650 MHz.


MSI's HD 2900 XT is also the same as every other card that you can find on the market. Reference design, reference clocks, but a different sticker on the card. Like ASUS, MSI decided to place a full sticker over the cooler. The face of the card looks like a Borg, but it is still better than those flames on the reference cards. Anything beats that. MSI's HD Radeon 2900 XT GPU is clocked at yet again reference 740 MHz and 1650 MHz for the memory.

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