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ATI scared of Lost Coast

by on16 May 2007


Nvidia is not scared of Half Life 2

Next time ATI starts talking about Lost Planet being a Nvidia game, we need to remind ATI how much the company spent on the original Half Life 2 deal. We wrote about that deal two years ago here.

And ATI ended up spending the remarkably sum of 8 million dollars for a single game deal. It worked out well for ATI as it sold a lot of 9800XT and 9600XT cards back in those days.

So lets call Lost Planet Nvidia's benchmark, but at the same time, lets call any Half Life 2 sequel ATI's benchmark. The sad part for ATI is that G80 wins in both Lost Planet and Half life 2.

We already wrote that ATI has some issues to render DirectX 10 demo's here, but I am sure that there will be a driver that will fix that issue. R600 is a decent part but G80 GTX is simply better. Guys be a man and admit it, but DAAMIT we lost, seems to be the hardest word to say.

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