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Nvidia VP meets Crytek

by on16 May 2007


DirectX 10 demo talks

Nvidia's VP and the chap responsible for TWIMTBP, a chap called Roy T, is meeting with Crytek today and we overheard that Nvidia wants to get some updates on the release dates and the demo schedule of Crysis.

The demo might be closer than we all think and we hope that it will come soon. Yours truly had a great opportunity to talk about the game with Cevet Yerli, the CEO of Crytek and play the actual demo at CES 2007 back in January and I have to say that the game looks really impressive.

It beats Stalker by far, as it is more playable. Cevet please make your guys hurry up and give us a demo. The official game was scheduled for autumn time if not even later.  

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