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Lost planet is XboX 360 clone

by on21 May 2007


DirectX 10 look and feel like console

Over the weekend we played Lost Planet in Windows Vista 64-bit and we can confirm that we are talking about a 100 per cent console game port. It looks and feels like an XboX 360 port and you can even adjust the XboX 360 controller.

The character runs way to slow for any action game and you have enough time to aim, as the game is meant for the controller.

The graphic looks good, but not great. It is like Evolva on snow and steroids, but the humanoid opponents actually look good. If you don’t remember Evolva you can check it out here. It had some of the best graphic for its time.The outside map involves a lot of snow, while the inside level and spider like creatures in a garage reminds us of Half Life 2 Episode one that we finished not so long ago.

I would not have that high hopes about this games, it will be fun tp play but not breath taking.

I guess that the good thing is that Microsoft got into the console market as there will be more and more clones.




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