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Zotac 8800 GTX works at 630 MHz

by on24 May 2007


Faster than G80 Ultra default

Zotac is
the new name among Nvidia's partners and we already mentioned it at Cebit. It is a PC partner doing Nvidia and these guys want to make the other partners' life a bit harder.

A lot of them are ex Sapphire and they know what they are doing.

Zotac has its Geforce 8800 GTX, the card is clocked at 630 MHz core and 2000 MHz memory.

It runs faster than a G80 Ultra chip while the memory ends up a little bit slower. The card runs really fast in Lost Planet DirectX 10 or Stalker, but we will leave the rest for our review scheduled for next week.

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Zotac is PC partner doing Nvidia

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