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R600 UVD missing in action

by on28 May 2007


It misses performance but no one cares

Everyone went ballistic on ATI as R600 misses the thing they call UVD. R600 has a different kind of video engine but it is not UVD.

UVD is a feature of RV630 and RV610 and obviously ATI didn’t find a place to put it in the huge 80 nanometre R600 chip.

Obviously ATI misled the market with this, but DAAMIT did it for most of 2007, as they promised a G80 Ultra killer and delayed products for more than six months and the market didn’t react that drastically about it.

Even the VPs of the company said that R600 was lined up for a launch with mainstream and entry level and exactly two weeks after R600 launch there is not even a sign of RV630 cards. They will ship in June.

A few years back Nvidia didn’t have WMV acceleration in one of the high end chips, but it had great performance so people didn’t care that much.
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