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Laptops will dominate desktops by 2011

by on22 March 2007

Faster and better

Laptops will become the dominant form of computers by 2011, according to Analyst company IDC.

In a new report, the company says that as laptops become faster and efficient, demand for desktop PCs is likely to grow at a declining rate. Customers in emerging markets such as China and India are more interested in laptops than PCs, the report said.

IDC says that desktop volume will grow by low single-digit rates for the next few years while portable PC shipments will rise by about 16.1 percent over the same period. Last year the number of laptops shipped around the world rose a dramatic 26 percent compared to just a 2 percent increase for desktops.

The reason for the boom in laptops is not just the higher power and lower cost. More companies want their employees to connect to wireless Internet while on the move.

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