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GeCube has overclocked R600

by on31 May 2007
Full range of Radeon HD 2000 cards

It looks like GeCube will shine at Computex, at least according to its press release. GeCube took Computex very seriously and it is getting ready to announce the full HD 2000 series.

First in line for the announcement is GeCube's use of TEC cooling, which is seen on the X1950 series for both AGP and PCI-Express. This time TEC goes on the new "HD 2900XT OC super exclusive TEC version", lets just hope that TEC is less noisy than ATI's reference cooler and that it will keep the "hot R600 chip" cool. Clocks for this overclocked card will be announced at Computex, Taipei.

Another possibly even more interesting announcement is the HD 2000 Gemini dual GPU series. It looks like GeCube didn't give up on dual GPU, single PCB solutions. As the press release states "Following the success of the X1650XT Gemini 2 dual GPU graphics card", Gecube will be introducing the latest HD 2000 series DX 10 dual GPU solution." Which two GPU's that be will be used is also left as a Computex exclusive, but we don't believe that we will see dual 2900XT GPU's, probably two RV630XT chips.

The third exclusive is the GeCube HD 2600XT GDDR4. We wrote about this announcement from GeCube, and we knew then that it will be cooled by GeCube's second generation of X-Turbo 2 silent fan technology. The bottom line that everyone would like to know is how much fast the RV630XT GDDR4 is with a 128-bit memory bus.


There will be one more AGP surprise.



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