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65 nm R600 still on schedule

by on31 May 2007


For Q3 2007 launch

If you still believe in ATI's schedules, then the R600 at 65 nanometre is still on schedule for Q3 2007. In worst case scenario, this chip should be unveiled in September. We intentionally don't use R650 or R670 because ATI play games with the brands and tell some customers about R650 and some about R670 in order to catch the leaks.

We already told you that the 65 nanometre chip is a redesign, not only a die shrink of the existing marchitecture, as R600 didn’t end up as a really great chip, which all fan boys expected it to be.

Lets hope that you will be able to buy a new version of the card and put it under your Xmas tree, that is the plan now, but the cards itself should be ready even before thanksgiving. We were disappointed before, so lets hope that ATI can pull that one in this year, which would be a success enough.  

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