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Company of Heroes DX10 patch is out

by on01 June 2007


First major game goes DirectX 10

The first game got its DirectX 10 patch. We are talking about Company of Heroes a game that already looked great in DirectX 9.

The patch is available as of today and via game update or download.

You can expect that a DirectX 10 version has per pixel lightning for all objects, PFC(Percentage Closer Filtering) shadows that utilize Shader Model 4.0 sample comparison functions for softer and more realistic shadows, Shadows for omnidirectional point lights that supports up to four simultaneous point lights with shadows, using render to cubmap and geometry Shader functionality.

The game also supports soft particles that improves visual quality of the terrain and other objects, CSAA support (Coverage Sampling Antialiasing) including 8X and 16X modes, Short volumes grass using DX 10 instanced terrain shells, DX10 instanced foliage and ambient objects and DX10 alpha to coverage a method also known as transparency Antialiasing.

This sounds like a lot of DirectX 10 improvements from Relic and the game is TWIMTBP and Nvidia has its fingers in this DX10 patch. All we care is that the game is out.

You can read more about it here, and download the patch here.
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