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MSI's 2600XT benched and pixelized

by on01 June 2007
65nm is doing just fine, the same site that showed us the QX6850 Kentsfield, had a interesting surprise on its forum. A user with nicknamed "NV6800" posted pictures and benchmarks of MSI's Radeon HD 2600XT with 256MB GDDR4.

The clocks for this card are now confirmed, and they are the same as the ones that we wrote about, 800MHz for the core and 2200MHz for the GDDR4 memory. As for the results, 3DMark05 produced 10,802 points at 1,024x768 and 8,866 at 1,280x1,024, and 3DMark06 at the same resolutions, 6,118 and 5,027 points respectively. His claim that his system used only 197W at full load, 51W more compared to idle was rather interesting.


The system that was used in the benchmark is an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 Dual-Core with a FSB of 1,066 working at 2,933 MHz, Gigabyte's GA-P965-DQ6(P965), four modules of "DDR2-800HK 512MB" and of course the MSI Radeon HD X2600 XT with 256MB GDDR4 of memory.

Leakage has started, and Computex is just around the corner.

You can check out the full forum post with Fear and Company of Heroes game benchmarks at
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