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Asus has passively cooled 8600 GTS

by on07 June 2007

Computex 07: Massive heatsink and heatpipe

Asus was displaying its passively cooled EN8600GTS Silent/HTDP/256M card at its booth and it's an impressive beast with a massive heatsink, an even bigger heatpipe and an exhaust for the hot air.

We're not quite sure how the hot air is going to be exhausted through the vent though, as there's no fan to push the hot air out through the back of the slot, but hopefully Asus has this covered, especially as they claim that this passive solution runs 5 degrees C cooler than the reference cooler from Nvidia.

The core is clocked at 675MHz and the memory is clocked at 2GHz, so it's a pretty decent card for something that's passively cooled.

Asus claims that it scores 5,799 in 3DMark06, but it doesn't say on what system.

This is what the beast looks like:

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