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Nvidia's D8M taped out

by on11 June 2007


65 nm, mainstream PCIe 2.0

Nvidia has already taped out its next generation mainstream chip. It calls it D8M where D stands for Desktop and M stands for Mainstream and number 8 indicates that we are talking about an 8th generation product.

We can confirm that we are talking about 65 nanometre chip and that it supports PCIe 2.0 interface. Intel is already coming with X38 chipset in Q3 that will support PCIe 2.0 and AMD has already showcased its Rx7x0 generation of chipsets that can support PCIe 2.0.

We are sure Nvidia has a chipset with PCIe 2.0. The chip also supports HD DVD and Blue-Ray hardware acceleration as it features 3rd generation Video processor.

Nvidia's new card will feature internal S/PDIF on board the graphics card on a reference design and Zotac has that even with G86. We wrote about it here and even tested the card here.

D8M Video processor will speak via Windows audio drive and should avoid all issues and proprietary codec and enable HDMI over DVI on every card.

The D8M chip and cards based on it are scheduled for September.

Last modified on 11 June 2007
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