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ATI next high end is a dual chip card

by on15 June 2007


Two RV670

We already told you that there won't be R650, R670 or R680 a 65 nanometre version of R600, here. There won't be even a 55 nm version of that chip as ATI wants to move on from this marchitecture.

The next big thing is R700 a multi chip solution but before that happens, ATI wants to introduce dual RV670 card. This is just like Rage Furry MAXX gets back to town and these two chips together should be able to cope with G80 and even G92 card.

We don’t know should we be talking about two PCBs or a single one but we know that this is what ATI plans for Q1 2008. It simply won't be able to finish this RV670 a 55 nanometre chip and ship it this year.

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