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USB monitors faces limitations

by on21 June 2007


No HD or real gaming

Samsung announced its first USB SyncMaster 940U display, but despite the pretty picture there are some limitation to the marchitecutre. We saw one of these monitors back at Computex 2007 and we also learned that the USB chip that emulates the graphics card can not completely replace the digital DVI port.

The USB and 2D emulation on the DisplayLink chip still doesn't allow you play your games on this monitor, as there isn't enough bandwidth. The USB chip will emulate 3D in software and we all know how slow this can be.

The first version of the chip can not even cope with DVD, but this has been fixed in the next generation and companies such as LG are about to launch their displays in the fall /autumn time and they will be able to do DVD but not HD.
Last modified on 21 June 2007
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