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Nvidia partners needs to report

by on21 June 2007


Tell me how much you sold

Nvidia partners have to report to Nvidia its sales numbers. This has to take place at least once a month and Nvidia will know every week how many chips and cards is out there.The big green graphic thing managed to enslave all the partners to send out all the numbers on a weekly base in other to have a good picture of the stocks and market.

Well if you don’t want to play this game you simply wont get chips and cards from Nvidia, not unless your are Palit. There is only one guy that doesn’t play by Nvidia rules and he is well known as Spencer from palit. This guy was the only one vocal to say Nvidia that it is not of Nvidia’s business to know how much chip he sold.

Palit is Nvidia’s number one brand in Asia and it makes a lot of sales from Nvidia so the big green thing had to obay to this remarkable sales negotiator.

They rest simply dance how Nvidia plays.

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