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Larrabee to feature new 45 nm transistors

by on02 July 2007


New gates are the key

Intel's new 45 nanometre gates are the secret weapon of Larrabee graphic processor. Intel will make Larrabee in 45 nanometre and this will certainly make the power consumption superior to the competition.

At the same time Intel believes that this transistor breakthrough is the way forward in computer graphics and that this will be something that might give some serious headache for ATI and Nvidia.

The key point is that this High K + Metal Gate Transistor has some significant leakage reduction and up to 20 percent of performance increase over the standard transistors. It also has approximately 30 percent reduction in transistor-switching power.

Have in mind that G80 is 90 nanometre and its gate is about twice as big as Intel's.  

You can read more about the process here

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