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Larrabee doomed to driver issues

by on03 July 2007


Too good to be true

Intel's upcoming graphic project codenamed Larrabee is doomed to end up with a lot of driver issues. The matter is rather simple, Intel has been in graphic for years but it doesn’t care about the gaming part of the market as its Intel integrated is well known as the slowest solution available.

Now all the sudden Intel has to come up with a graphic driver that will support and perform well under thousands of games available. We can see loads of problems here as it takes years to make a driver. We heard that up to 700 engineers are working on a Larrabee which is more than 75 percent more than Nvidia had for G8x generation of engineers but even with this incredible task force you still need years to debug the drivers.

We can all remember ATI and its previous drivers, some years ago. It took them a time but it can be done. First rule of semiconductor business is that you don’t make money on the first chip so don’t expect too much from Larabee. It will certainly be very good chip for General purpose GPU processing and science calculation and should fight Radeon's and Tesla's in this market.

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