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CrossFire HD 2900 XT GDDR4 beats SLI 8800 GTX

by on04 July 2007

According to PCMag

PCMag has got its hand on a system from Falcon Northwest with dual AMD Radeon HD 2900 XT GDDR4 cards and according to the test results, this is one kick ass system and it easily beats two SLI systems with 8800 GTX cards in them, one of them being another Falcon Northwest system with a faster CPU.

It's worth bearing in mind that this is only in Windows Vista, but the benchmark results speak for themselves. AMD has a lead here by over 3,000 points in the default test in 3DMark 06 and we're looking at over 100 fps in Company of Heroes at 1,280x1,024.

Impressive numbers indeed, although there is some controversy about this review and DailyTech has moaned about it and claims that AMD has supplied Falcon Northwest with some dodgy hardware that's not publicly available.

The other rumour is that AMD has shipped some new tweaked drivers to Falcon Northwest, but if this is the case, then we might have a chance to see these go public some time soon.

It's also entierly possible that AMD happens to have better Vista drivers  than Nvidia and this is simply why the CrossFire system is faster. This makes even more sense when you read a users comment at TechPowerUp! that has linked to some older benchmark results where the two 8800 GTX SLI systems goes head to head with Windows XP benchmark results.

Looking at those numbers and comparing it to the CrossFire Vista numbers, the CrossFire system would only win in Company of Heroes, but the lead here is still some 85 fps.

You can find the PCMag review here, the benchmark results here, the TechPowerUp! reader comments here and finally the DailyTech moan here
Last modified on 04 July 2007
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