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Power VR MBX 3D graphic in iPhone

by on06 July 2007


It can do some 3D

A British company Imagination technology has found its way to get inside or a sexy iPhone. This was discovered today by a few people at Beyond3D forums.

Couple of users clearly found that Apple mentions AppleMBXDevice in the device and furthermore they believe that Apple is using ARM 11 chip called RM1176jzf-s that can do Optional Vector Floating Point coprocessor (ARM1176JZF-S) and Powerful acceleration for embedded 3D-graphics.

You can check the rest here but it sounds to me that these guys are on to something. Don’t be too excited about this 3D graphics as even Intel has MBX licence for more than two years and is been using it for its integrated products and SGX is the right 3D mobile chip.

Last modified on 08 July 2007
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