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Xbox 360 Premium gets HDMI

by on09 August 2007

Confirmed by Redmond

Some lucky people in the US has got their hands on an updated version of the Xbox 360 Premium with a built in HDMI connector according to a new post on ShackNews.

The story has been confirmed by Microsoft and aparently the HDMI model will replace the current model as stock of the non-HDMI model sells out. Retailers will be getting the new model as it becomes available.

Microsoft refused to comment when asked if the new model had the rumoured 65nm processor or not and just stated that they're continually making changes to its console and doesn't comment on component changes.

The console in question was manufactured on the 4th of July and it's the first reported Xbox 360 Premium with HDMI, but many more are now likely to follow.

You can read the original story and take a look at a couple of pictures over at ShackNews
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