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Nvidia leaks Crysis launch date

by on27 July 2007


September or October

Nvidia's executive said in a room full of analysts that highly anticipated Crysis the first real DirectX 10 game comes in September or October 2007. He didn’t want to stick to a date but at least he gave us a timeframe.

This is definitely something that Nvidia needs in order to sell even more of its DirectX 10 cards. In November the company plans a new high end card based on 65 nanometre process and it definitely need the content that can push the limits.

Usually when a source says September to October you should bet most of your money to October, and this introduction will certainly boost EA financial numbers and pre Xmas sales as many would like to buy this title.

According to a same senior VP source at Nvidia, Crytek the company behind Far Cry and Crysis sold more than a million copies of Far Cry.  

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