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Nvidia holds 60 percent of desktop

by on27 July 2007


To increase this year

DAAMIT has lost some market share in Desktop but even more in Notebook market. Last year in Q1 2006 Nvidia had around 55 percent of discrete market while ATI had some 45 percent of the overall desktop market.

Well the situation changes to Nvidia's advantage as in Q1 2007 Nvidia captured five more percent and now holds around 60 percent of the overall market while AMD dropped 5 percent to 40 percent.

Nvidia's Jeff Fisher said that the company expects that in Q2 and Q3 this year Nvidia capture even more market share as they rolled out top to bottom DirectX 10 that is going to cause ATI same troubles.

The only thing that should concern Nvidia is that 2600 and 2400 series are very cheap and a good cards for the price.

Last modified on 27 July 2007
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