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Nvidia expects a lot from 17 inch notebooks

by on30 July 2007


Higher ASPs and a place for 8700 M

Nvidia is really happy with its growth in the notebook market. Intel is getting a lot of money from its platforms and Nvidia now wants a piece of that cake.

The game is rather simple, Nvidia wants to put its mobile GPUs in every single notebook and it definitely have had a great success with high-end 17 inch notebooks.

Gartner claims that the high-end 17 inch notebook market grows at 20 percent a year, a ratio which is much higher than the growth rate of 15.4 inch notebooks. It becomes really easy to convince a buyer to get a high end mobile graphics card in 17 inch Desktop replacement, heavy gaming machine.

According to its VP Jeff Fisher, Nvidia captured a lot of design wins and it is about to increase its 17 inch market presence, as it won quite a few Santa Rosa designs.

This means more market share for Nvidia and more importantly, more money as the average selling price of high end GPUs is healthy.  

Last modified on 30 July 2007
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