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GeForce 8700M GT SLI this month

by on02 August 2007

At least in Australia

An Australian system integrated that goes under the name of Pioneer Computers, reckon it'll have a notebook with twin GeForce 8700M GT cards in SLI this month.

The site used to say GeForce Go 8800 GTX, but Pioneer has changed it to the 8700M GT cards intead. You're looking at two 512MB cards and the cost over the two standard 7950 GTX cards is AU$399 or about €249.

Pioneer also claims that this is the first quad core notebook in the world, but oddly enough it seems like you can't configure it with a single quad core CPU.

The DreamBook Power D90 SLI as Pioneer Computers calls it is based on the Clevo D900C chassis, as many other notebooks using desktop parts these days.

Hopefully Nvidia will have some SLI notebook drivers ready in time as well, or it could be a hard sell to flog this notebook with two cards if there aren't any drivers for the mobile 8-series.

You can configure your own here

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