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Apple wants an arm and a leg for iMac memory

by on09 August 2007

$1,000 for 4GB

It's no wonder that Apple is doing well, considering the prices they charge for extra memory for their computers, not to mention the extra charges they take out for selling their products outside of the US.

But it's really taking the piss when it comes to the memory upgrades, as going from 1GB to 4GB as an upgrade option at the time of purchase would set you back $850, while the same two 2GB DDR2 667MHz SODIMM modules will cost you an astonishing $1,000 if you decide to upgrade later.

Going from 1GB to 2GB at time of purchase is a much more reasonable $150 and Apple charges $150 for a single 1GB SODIMM as an upgrade option as well. A 2GB SODIMM is half the price of the 4GB kit, $500 in other words.

We suggest you head over to Crucial, who's already listing compatible memory and even offers DDR2 800MHz SODIMMs for the new iMac. You can pick up a single 1GB DDR2 667MHz module for a very reasonable $50.99, while a 2GB module is $139.99, that's $10 less than what Apple charges for a single 1GB module.

Oh, and for those in Europe, forget about later upgrades, as Apple only offers a single 1GB module for a whopping €140, with the 4GB upgrade at time of purchase coming in at €820, that is some $1,131. Let's hope people aren't stupid enough to be tricked by Apple on this one.
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