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R670 has two RV670 on single PCB

by on03 August 2007


Q1 2008

The next generation of ATI graphics cards will be made up of two RV670 GPUs and as far as we know it will be codenamed R670. This won’t be a 65 or 55 nanometre version of the R600 core, it is a PCB with two mainstream chips on it.

This should be enough to beat the Geforce 8800 Ultra, but by the time ATI rolls out this card, Nvidia will have launched its G92 and will definitely set the performance margins even higher.

There is still some hope for DAAMIT graphics, as the R700 should be out in Q2, probably the later part of the quarter and this one should be able to defeated G92 or the faster iteration of this card.

More here.

ATI next high end is a dual chip card

RV670 can go dual

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